How to Learn Coding Online Free of cost?
How to Learn Coding Online Free of cost

How to Learn Coding Online Free of cost

With the continual innovation in science and technology, learning programming has become very significant in today’s scenario. It has picked up momentum worldwide. It’s literally a good sign for the countries trying to grow their economy to the next level. If you understand the significance of coding then it may help you in numerous ways. You may teach yourself how to write code with the help of online resources and through ebooks without going to the institutes. Internet is known to be the hub of everything you want to learn and manifest your desires into the reality and the best part is that you learn things easily and efficiently free of cost. The only need is to have a good internet connection.

Learning coding gives you a competitive edge over your friends or peers, you can think out of the box or more logically or algorithmically. Once you start coding with the help of online resources, you feel quite easy to understand even complex programming languages. Most of the online portals offer step by step tutorials in order to reduce complexity.

There are the list of excellent sites to Learn coding

If you are ready to learn coding, there are the list of the best websites that provide online courses in a variety of programming languages for free of cost. I have included the list of ebooks that will offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of the language online.

 LanguagesOnline Courses & ScreencastsProgramming Books (Free)
JavaScriptCode AcademyLearn StreetKhan Academy,Code CombatCode AvengersEloquent JavaScriptJavaScript GuideSpeaking JSJS The Right WayOh My JS,Canvassing
HTML & CSSCode AcademyDon’t Fear The InternetTutsplus,Learn LayoutA to Z CSS,DashWeb Accessibility,The Hello WorldMozillaDive into HTML520 Things I LearnedHTML Dog,HTML & CSSHTML5 for DesignersDOM EnlightenmentHTML Canvas
PythonCode AcademyGoogle,Learn StreetPython Tutor,IHeartPYPython for You and Me,  Dive into PythonLearn Python the Hard WayThink Python,Python for FunTango with DjangoDjango
Code AcademyTutsplus,Code SchooljQuery FundamentalsLearn jQuery
jQueryCode AcademyTutsplus,Code SchooljQuery FundamentalsLearn jQuery
Ruby & Ruby on RailsCode Academy,TryRubyCode Learn,RailscastsRubymonk,Learn StreetWhy’s (Poignant) Guide to RubyLearn Ruby the Hard WayLearn to ProgramLearn Rails by Example
PHPCode AcademyPHP ProgrammingPractical PHP
WordPressTreehouseWordPress TV
Linux & Shell ScriptingStanford.eduExplain ShellConquer the Command Line
Node.jsNodetutsNode SchoolThe Node Beginner Book,Mixu’s Node bookNode Up and RunningMastering Node.js
Angular JSCode SchoolEgg Head,Learn AngularAngular JS TutorialThinking AngularAngular Tutorial,Getting Started (Adobe)
Objective-C (iOS & Mac)Code SchoolStanfordiTunesU
Chrome Dev ToolsCode SchoolDev Tools SecretChrome Dev Tools Tutorial,UdacityBuilding Browser Apps
JavaLearn JavaCoding Bat,Java UdemyLearneroo
SQL (Databases)SQL ZooSQL @StanfordEssentail SQLSQL for Nerds
Android App DevelopmentUdacity (Google Developers), CourseraThe New BostonGoogle UniversityApp Development EssentialsCode LearnApp Inventor (Visual)

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