How to Save  All Your YouTube Videos to Google Drive?

How to Save All Your YouTube Videos to Google Drive?

There is a good news, you can simply download all your YouTube videos to your Google Drive in their original format.

We have been uploading all our video files to the YouTube website. However, you can also place them on other alternative video hosting websites like Facebook page or Vimeo site to get attention of most audiences all across the globe. You bundle the YouTube video files as iTunes podcast that an individual can watch offline.

To get started, you just need to visit to this custom link and click next button to open the desired window. Now you can select the type of file such as a zip file or your desired type from the drop down. If you choose zip then all your YouTube videos are zipped and added to the drive in a few hours. If the total size exceeds 2GB, it will automatically create multiple files of 2 GB each. That’s it, you are all done with that!

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