Humanity is More Precious Than Any of The Religion Exists in This World

Have you ever thought what are the significance of religions?

Have you ever thought why do we need to possess humanity?

Could you evaluate which one is the most powerful source of human being to have actual peace of mind in today’s scenario?

The religion is something which gives us extreme peace of mind. No matter it’s Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Isai(christian) religion. No religion teaches us to harm others or to have the ill-will mentality towards others or to lose peace of mind. It’s people who make religion dirty and shameful. The routes are different, but the destinations are same for people to attain happiness and eternal peace of mind. We must grow our thought and embrace humanity.

In my views humanity is the father of every religion exist in this world. If you don’t understand humanity, then in my views you are completely unaware about any of the religions existing in this globe. Every religion teaches us to love and help others without having any selfishness to get the same in return.

Humanity will be alive forever, whether you like it or not. When we talk about religions, it’s all about believing in our supreme power, it’s not mandatory to have the same kind of devotion among the people towards any particular religion. So, everyone is free to choose their “believe factor” as per their own wishes. There should not be any kind of external force regarding this. When we talk about humanity, in this case, we don’t have any kind of option to choose with. Humanity must be the ultimate goal for people all across the world. Humanity can make this world a beautiful place to live in. So come forward to make this world a heaven.

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