Don’t let the good posts you’ve written in the past, but reuse them to boost your website traffic!

  1. Tweet

As most of the online marketers suggest, tweet links to old posts frequently. Produce a schedule in Buffer thus recent posts are tweeted on a daily basis.

  1. Facebook

In today’s competitive world Facebook has become the most desired way to make people aware about your products and services. I have experienced the best results out of it.

  1. Pin

In today’s scenario, pinning your pic allows you to make your website more accessible and famous among people all across the globe. It’s very simple to pin your images with just a single click.

  1. Instagram

An easy way to drag up your post on your phone, take a screenshot of the image in it, crop it and post it on Instagram.

  1. 5. Book (or eBook)

Combine all your older posts or recent posts into a PDF or perhaps associate ebook. It even allows you to sell ebooks easily and instantly online without making much effort.

  1. Link

Linking internally is quite helpful or useful. You should continuously link to older posts woth your new ones.

  1. Highlight

Create a page wherever you showcase all of your unchanged content in an exceedingly way that guides others through the best possible stuff on your website. I’ve seen this page known as “Best of…” or one thing similar.

  1. Relate

Use a plugin to automate the method of listing older content at the tip of your posts. Or, contemplate adding connected posts manually for an additional refined choice.

  1. Email

An email report, may be an excellent place to plug your recent posts!

  1. Update Old Content– Updating old contents literally plays a significant role in improving your brand without spending money and time. today’s competitive world.